10 things we love about St Petersburg


Yes, we admit. St Petersburg beats Moscow in many things: be it culture, bridges, palaces, coffee or art. While Moscow has much more history to tell, St Petersburg has all the rest and you can read it at http://chicandamazing.com/ St Petersburg blog.

  1. Nevsky prospect. The main street of the city. One of the most famous streets in Russia. There are many shops, restaurants, cafes and historical monuments. Lively at any time of day and night. Just enjoy walking along this magnificent street and feel its cheery atmosphere.
  2. Coffee. The most popular drink in the city enjoyed by residents and by tourists. Absolutely everywhere in St.Petersburg you will see a great variety of coffee houses to satisfy all tastes. Coffee house with cozy homely atmosphere, a stylish and contemporary or vintage café – there are lots of places to enjoy a cup of coffee. There is also Coffee Museum where you can see different exhibits which introduce you history of coffee and of course to taste it.
  3. St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The highest cathedral in the city. Built in classicism style it is considered one of the most beautiful monuments. The interior is decorated with paintings, sculptures, mosaic, stained glass and gems. But the highlight of this cathedral is its colonnade with observation deck from where you can see a breathtaking view of the city.
  4. Metro. St.Petersburg Metro is unique because it is the deepest in the world. Moreover, all stations have a nice design and station “Autovo” is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. There is also a St. Petersburg Metro Museum where you can explore the history of city underground.
  5. Weather. Many people would think that it’s a joke because Petersburg climate can be called anything but perfect. The weather here is very changeable, mostly rainy and windy. And must-have things for St.Petersburg Russia tours are umbrellas and raincoats.  However, we can’t imagine St Petersburg otherwise. Weather is a very local thing in St Petersburg, its own charm.
  6. White nights. If you plan your tour of St Petersburg in June or July you will get a great opportunity to enjoy this spectacular scene. St.Petersburg is definitely the best place to see white nights.
  7. Water channels. Like Venice or Amsterdam, St.Petersburg is Russian city located on water. There are more than 80 rivers and channels. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the city view from boat. Take a boat tour in St.Petersburg and you will be impressed by breathtaking views of the city. Such tours are great during the day and very spectacular at nights.
  8. St. Petersburg Hermitage. It’s one of the most famous and largest museums in the world. It was founded in 18th century and now has one of the best world collections of artworks including pictures, sculptures, interior items. There are also exhibitions of modern artists. It is said that the whole life is not enough to see all collection of Hermitage. It is exactly a place that everybody must visit.
  9. Bridges. Did you know that St.Petersburg is one of the cities with the highest number of bridges? And every bridge here is not just a construction which helps to get to another bank of channel; every bridge is a real piece of art, each having its own history. Moreover, St.Petersburg is unique due to lots of drawbridges located here. It’s one of the most famous St.Petersburg attractions for tourists.
  10. Church of the Savior on Blood. One of the most significant Petersburg sights. It was built on a memorable place where Russian Emperor Alexander II was killed. You will be amazed by the nice view of the church, but the most interesting views are waiting for you inside: the church has one of the best collections of mosaic art in the world.




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